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Economic Migration
Poland to the UK…read more

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Economic Migration
· Migration affects both the area of origin and also the area of destination for
· It causes economic, social and political problems but it can also benefit both
the area of origin and the area of destination.…read more

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Push Factors
· Average unemployment in Poland 18.5%.
· Youth unemployment around 40%.
· Rural unemployment in some areas of around 40%.
· Typical earning of £150 per month in Poland.
· Many polish people take gap years and then stay in the
country as they earn more money there.…read more

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Pull Factors
· Main pull factor in the UK, is that there is a lot of work for the Polish
people to come and do. In the UK there is a significant shortage in
skilled jobs like construction, where the polish are skilled in. The
incentive for the polish people is that they come to the UK for a few
years and then return home with the amount of savings they have
· Unemployment around 5.1% in the UK.
· Shortage of skilled labour in the UK.
· UK were one of the 3 countries who did not restrict the number of
immigrants into the country from other A8 countries.
· Typical earnings in the UK £6 per hour.…read more

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Impact on Poland
Economic Social Political
· The young adult labour · The migration encourages · Requests for international
force is lost as they migrate more of the same aid increases.
to the UK. generation to migrate
· Those who are skilled in resulting in an effect on the
certain areas move towards social structure.
UK and do not stay in · Disproportionate number
Poland. of females as males move to
· Loss of labour may the UK to find work.
increase the dependency of · As most of the migrants do
governmental initiatives. not return, there is an
imbalance in the population
· returning migrants create
a social cost on the
community if there are no
mechanisms to cater for
them.…read more

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Impact on Poland
Economic Social Political
· Reduced unemployment. · Population density is · Policies to encourage
· The few Migrants that reduced , as birth rates natural increase.
return, bring new skills decrease. · Policies to encourage
which could help the · Money sent home helps immigration to counteract or
suffering home economy. finance improved education to develop their resources.
· Many migrants send money and health facilities.
home so their families can · Returning retired migrants
use it on home economy increase social expectations
stuff. in the community.
· Less pressure on resources
in the area including food
and also healthcare.…read more

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