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How is migration changing the face of the EU?

Before 1960, Europe was a continet of zero net migration althought during
the 1960s emigration was much larger than inmigration.
In 2005 net inmigration into the EU was estimated to be 1.7 million.
Aproximately 70% of these migratns moved into Spain,…

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40% of young Polish medics would migrate mainly for economic reasons. A
medic un the UK will earn much more than a Polish medic working in
Teachers earn around 200 monthly, whilst in the UK might earn 600 a
month just for handling out leaflets.

2. Welfare state:

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Impacts of migration on the source country:
In Poland legislation is being f¡drafted to try to encourage Poles to come back
home by offering more and more services.
In 2005 10% of jobs in Polish construction industry could not be filled. But by
early 2007 this figure had risen to…


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