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E-Commerce Advantages (business)
Global Market.
· The internet can be seen by everyone.
Economies of Scale.
New Markets.
· Businesses can gain new markets instead of restyling products.
New Products.
· Can Provide a variety of products to different markets.
Seven-day Opening.
· It's easy to make a webpage to look clean and professional. It's also easier to change
the look.
E-Commerce Advantages (consumers)
E-Commerce Disadvantages (consumers)
Problems returning goods.…read more

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Can only see image.
Need access to computer.
Price comparisons can be made.
Great availability.
Wide range of products.…read more

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E-Commerce Disadvantages (business)
A Global Market.
· This equals more competition, forcing prices down and therefore profitability down.
Changes in Skills & Training.
· Workers need to be educated in technology and the internet.
· More workers will be needed to deal with e-commerce.
Website Building and Maintenance
· Specialists may need to be hired to do this, which adds to costs.
Rapid Rise in Demand
· Your business may become too successful, and you may face problems in delivery.
Setting-up Costs.…read more


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