Edexcel Business eCommerce

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  • The Internet and Business
    • E-commerce- involves digitally enabled commercial transactions between and among organisations and individuals.
    • Porter's Five Forces Model.
      • Threat of entry
      • Bargaining power of suppliers
      • Threat of Substitutes
      • Bargaining power of buyers.
    • Pure Play- no physical shops, company only online.
      • Advantages
        • Lower costs
        • No rents
        • Lower operating costs
      • Organisational Culture - aligned to operating and developing solely as a eCommerce business.
      • Access to finance - significant venture capital available for pure play.
    • Pros of Online Retailing
      • Potential customers expand
      • Shop is open all the time
      • Order taken automatically so left staff needed.
      • No need for shop premises.
      • Easier to set up.
      • Stock can easily be withdrawn or updated to keep up with dynamic markets.
    • Cons of Online Retailing
      • Must have a stable network to keep websites running
      • Technician costs
      • Online security worries
      • Very competitive markets.
      • Issues with sending goods back, may put customers off.




This is a very good and necessary scheme for beginners in the field of e-commerce. It seems to me that first of all you need to pay attention to the most important minus-insecurity on the Internet. Everyone can face this and it is better to immediately prevent such actions. There is an excellent company that can just help in this matter, as well as in the issue of chargeback prevention and solve many other issues related to fraud.

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