Business: Section 5 (E-Commerce)

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  • New Technology - E-commerce
    • Can reduce costs and increase sales
      • Saves money on paper being printed and posted.
      • Some staff are employed to give out info , no longer needed.
      • Reduce property costs as you don't need a high-street shop just a warehouse.
      • Might be more possible to locate in remote areas where wages are lower.
    • Can reach international markets
      • More places to sell the product
      • A business may target foreign countrys with online promotions
      • Much cheaper than buying advertising space in foreign media
    • Pros and cons for consumers
      • You can shop at your own convienience
      • Can compare prices with other shops easier
      • You don't have to leave your house
      • Credit card details can be stolen
      • Products cant be tried on in person
      • Can be difficult to return products
      • Receive lots of spam emails
    • Running a website can be expensive
      • Need a website designer
      • New equipment may be needed and staff trained to use it
      • Firms need to gain customers trust
      • Website will always need updating
      • Time consuming


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