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Discipleship and Leadership…read more

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Disciples called to... catholics can be disciples... modern Xns examples...
Preach Ordination Martin Luther King
Heal = priests Mother Teresa
Cast out demons Holy orders = Oscar Romero
Follow me nun or monk
Fr. Max Kolbe
Carry cross Lay disciples Pope John Paul II
= ordinary
members of
Deny yourself the church
Bartholomew, John, James, Peter (Simon), Matthew, Thomas,
Thaddaeus, Judas, Andrew, Philip, James son of Alphaeus, Simon the
Big jelly jumping pyjamas make the trees juicy and plums juicy said
patriot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…read more

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Why did JC need disciples?
To cast out demons, companion of JC, heal
sick, learn to carry the cross, forget self,
follow me.
Disciple = someone who wishes to follow
and learn from another.
Apostle = one who is sent out on a mission.…read more

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Mission of the 12 = 6:7-13
Choosing the 12 = 3:13-19
The commission = 16:14-18
The widow at the treasury 12:41-44
8:34-38…read more

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Mission of the 12
What can they take and can't take??
Dust from feet ?…read more

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Choosing the 12
Why they were called to the mountain?…read more

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Preview of page 7

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