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call of the disciples


jesus walked by the sea of galilee where he saw simon (peter) and his brother andrew fishing (because they were fishermen) and he told them to "come follow me, ad i will make you fishers of men) they left their nets and folloewd him. when he went a little futher he saw james and john preparing their nets. he told them to folloew him and they did. 


discipleship is for all christians. the acll of the first is a role model for how christians should respond to God. 

  • jesus chooses you.- usually people choose the rabbis but jesus chooses the one that he wants
  • leaving their nets- they left everything they had. (compare to the rich man)
  • the disciples arent special- they ave a good job but simply educated. 
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the mission of the 12


jesus sent out the disciples two by two and gave them authority over evil spirts. he gave clear instructions to only take a staff- dont noit take bread, bag,or money under your belt. alowed to wear sandles but not an extra tunic. when you enter a house you must stay their until it is your time to leave.if a place does not welcome you or listen to you, you must shake you dust off your feet as you leave as a testomony against them. they went out and preached, drove out many demons and heal the sick. 


sent the 12 out to -preach
                              -cast out demons 
                               -anoint and heal the sick 


  • -allowed to bring staff and sandles (long journy) but not allowed exta clothes 
  • not allowed bread, bag, money 
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the mission of the 12 (2)

the twelve 

  • they are chosen to be leaders as well as disiples. 
  • they are his friends- they have to preach and heal this sick.
  • the contitions jesus set for them shows how urgent spreading the kingdom of god was. they had to move quickly 


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peters promise and denial

this happens after the last supper


(peter promise) they go to the mount of Olives. jesus predicts that all the disples will run away "i will strick the shepards and the sheep will be shattered" Peter promises that he will stick with him even if the rest go away. jesus said "before the **** crows twice you will deny me three times." 

(peters denial) peter is in the courtyard of the high preist warming himself by the fire 

denial 1) servent girl recognises him, he denises 

denial 2) she points him out to bystanders- he denises it again

denial 3) other say he must be because he is from galilee. he swears and says "i dont know this man you're talking about"

the **** crows a second time. peter remembers what jesus had said and he broke down and wept. 

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peters promise and denial (2)


peter was jesus main apostle. he means well but lets jesus down. BUT HE IS HUMAN AND IS NOT PERFECT THIS GIVES CHRISTIANS HOPE. this shows that even if you have done wrong you can be forgiven. 

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the 12 as role models

the commission 


after jesus reserection he sent the 11 disciples to preach the gospel to all nations. they will be the leaders of the christian church and be able to forgive sin. 

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disciples good role models

  • the fishermen left everything to go follow jesus 
  • they were his friends
  • they were upset when jesus said one of them would betray him 
  • they were sorry when they had done something bad
  • peter recognise jesus as the messiah at Caesarea Phillippi
  • they went on the mission of the 12 
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disciples bad role models

  • they lacked daith in the calming of the storm 
  • the argued
  • peter did not accept that jesus would suffer and die 
  • peter, james and john fell asleep in Gethsemane when jesus needed them
  • all the disiples ran away when jesus was arrested 
  • peter denied jesus 
  • the disciples didnt belive jesus was risen after the reserrection
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kingdom of God: parables

the sower 

  • the kingdom of god will succeed in spite of all difficulites. 
  • sower=god 
  • seed=gods message 
  • seed fall on path and eaten by birds= they hear the word but get distracted by saten 
  • seed falls on rocky ground= people welcome the KofG but give up when they are being persicuted
  • seed falls on soil=people hear the message but dont want to give up materialistic things.
  • seed falls on good soil=people hear the message and live by it. 

the musterd seed

  • the KofG will grow form something small into something large. the mustard seed is the smallest seed but grows into a very large plant. birds=gentiles. all welcome in the kingdom of God. 
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Kingdom of God: the cost of discipleship

the rich man and wealth 


a rich man asked jesus how he could enter the KofG. Jesus told him to follow the 10 commandments. he said he has done that all his life. jesus then told him to give away his waeth to the poor and follow him. the rich man went away sad because he had alot of money.

the disciples were amazed at this becasue they thought that like the jews being rich was a sign that God was plased wirth you. jesus the says "it is harder for a rich man to enter the KofG, then for a camel to get thought they eye of the needle." disiples the asked who can be save and jesus said with Godf anything is possile. 

exaples of people who give up wealth 

  • nuns, monkes 
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kingdom of God: rewards

jesus teaches us that anyone who gives up family and possessions will be rewarded in KofG both in the present age and in the age to come. 

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kingdom of God: Service


teaching about leadership and how christians leaders in the KofG should be diffrent from other wordly leaders 

disciples should not want power and status. to be great they have to be servent to everyone. the son of man sets the example of giving his life to others. 

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kingdom of God: the greatest commandment


a scribe asks jesus what is the most important comandment. jesus replys "to love your god with all your heart, all your soul, with all your heart and with all your strenth" and the second one is to "love your neighbour as yourself" the scribe agreed and jesus told him he is not far from the KofG. 

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kingdom of God: the widow at the treasury.


jesus and his disciples were at the trasury and jesus was watching people give large amount of money to the upkeep of the temple. then he saw a very poor widow who gave just 2 copper pennys that were almost worthless. jesus told the disciples that she had "put in more than all the rest" becasue she gave everthing she had. 

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