Diploma in sports- Sports Injuries

Diploma in sports- Sports Injuries

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Friday 8th April 2011
Injury in sport
The children's act 2004
The children's act was originally set up in 1989. It forms guidance for acceptable treatment of
children and young vulnerable adults. It provides information on reporting suspected cases of
mistreatment. The forms of child abuse are:
A failure to ensure that a child/ young people are safe, or to expose them to undue
Signs of neglect include:
A dramatic weight loss or weight gain
Poor hygiene
Lack of medical attention when needed
In sports it may include not allowing the child to take part/ putting them into a team when there is an
even number, exposure to unnessecery weather conditions.
Some form of inappropriate body harm. This type of abuse may include excessive and inappropriate
training methods. Some of the signs of this abuse may include very common serious injuries without
a real excuse they may also refuse to get changed with other children as they may see marks on their
Inappropriate physical contact in private areas.
In sports this may include taking photos. A sign of this abuse may be an inappropriate sexual
awareness knowledge or terminology for their age.
Emotional abuse may make the child feel worthless.
A sign of this in sports is constant criticism, putting too higher standards on a child by the coach and
losts of negative feedback. A child might also feel frightened around adults or in danger and some
forms of emotional abuse may also involve illtreatment of a child.

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