Diploma in sports- Sports Injuries

Diploma in sports- Sports Injuries

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Friday 25th March 2011
Sports Injuries
Safety at sports grounds Act 1975
Venue: Houphet boigny stadium disaster
Location: Ivory Coast
Year: 2009
It occurred because of a suspected structure failure. Reports say that the wall collapsed. twenty two
people were crushed to death and more than 130 were injured.
The Hillsborough disaster
Caused by over crowding outside of the ground
Too many people which caused fan to be crushed at the front
96 fatalities. Thousands of people injured
Lack of police/security control
The Taylor reports by lord justice enforced the safety enforced the safety at sports grounds act
(1975). Covers all sports stadiums with a capacity of 10,000 + spectators. This meant that all
standing areas in stadiums had to be removed and all seater stadiums were put into place.1 ticket =
1 seat. The Metal fencing behind goals was removed in England.


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