Diploma in sports- Sports Injuries

Diploma in sports- Sports Injuries

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Friday 1st April 2011
Sports injuries: Health and safety
Safety at a sports ground act 1975
Video Notes
How many people died in the disaster?
39 people in total and 33 fans got trampled to death
Where did the disaster take place?
Heysel, Brussels, Belgium, 1985
Which teams were about to play?
Liverpool Vs Neuters
Who was banned for the disaster?
English players/supporters
Identify as many Health and Safety issues as possible with regard to the event
Over crowding
Small entrance/ exit
Old building which was falling apart with concrete and gravel on the floor and part of it was
being built. A wall collapsed which released the pressure from people being crushed against
it and nobody was injured because of the wall collapsing.
Weak fence
Not properly trained police and a lack of communication from police on the ground
The Layout of the stadium has stayed the same and they have still got the gates where many people
were crushed and died.
List as many people as possible that were affected by the disaster

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What could have been done to prevent the disaster?
Uptodate trained police/security
More police/security
Different fully built venue with a larger capacity
Stricter use of tear gas
Do you feel that the authorities were in any way responsible for what happened? Justify
your answer.
Yes, because fully trained police (riot)/ security could have prevented the outbreak of angry
supporters as well as stopping the supporters climbing over the fence.
Should the game have been played? Justify your answer.…read more


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