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What can your Phone do?
Choosing a phone:
· Picture resolution
· Camera resolution
· Storage capacity
· Memory card
· Music and video player
· Connectivity- using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi
· Network band- duel band
- tri band
- quad band…read more

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Designing a mobile phone
· Mobile phone batteries- including more features needs
to increase amount of power.
· Mobile phone designs- companies need to consider all
their audience that's why their
different types of mobile phones.…read more

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Three Types of Phones
· Fashion Phones- different shapes and have the ability to be customised.
Features: high-spec cameras, able to store large amount of data, speakers
that allow music to be played out loud. The batteries designed to last longer
but can be bulky, often making the phone larger.
· Business Phones- slim, sleek design, usually in black or metallic colour.
Large screens and qwerty keyboard. Features: speaker phone, voice-
activated dialling. Sync with other device, large screens to enable work on
data files, GPS, camera, PDA and 3G
· Multifunctional phones- combine of fashion and business features,
appealing to the mass audience. Have the best of both worlds: high-spec,
large storage space, high speed processing, slim design, touch screen and
access to internet.…read more

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Advantage and Disadvantage of
Advantage Disadvantage
Can be used in emergency to contact Texting too much can lead to repetitive
people strain injury
Smartphones are capable of doing Phones haven't been around for long
similar things to a pc so no discovery of risks and effects
Light weight- easy to carry overuse of text speak effect spelling
Young people can become a victim
and crime if targeted for phone…read more

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Types of Portable Computers
· Laptop- a portable computer
· Netbook- similar to a laptop but even more compact
· Netbook- similar to a netbook but designed mainly for
wireless communication
· Personal Digital Assistant (PDA)- a portable device that is
small to hold in the palm. Contains address book, note-
making features, telephone and internet facilities, allows
data to be exchanged with computers.…read more

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