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Group Dates Key Supporters Ideas Influence and Level
Figures of Threat
Levellers 1647 Putney John Lilburn New Model Army Citizens given their own rights, Very radial group and
debates they wanted reform and a new posed a threat to army
1647 demanded type of government unity, they denounced the

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Protect because their
influence was limited
Ranters Emerged in late Clarkson Predestination 15 antiranters pamphlets
1640's Bauthumley Denied the concept of sin published
1650 blasphemy Coppe Challenge to the Godly
act nation (no sin)
Independents First independent Cromwell New Model Army Rejected the idea of a national Did not try…

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Muggletonians 1652 created Lodowich London Mainly Assured by their own unique Too small a group to
Muggleton merchants virtue present a challenge to
Robins Shopkeepers and Robins believed he had been order.
Reeves Tailors visited by Christ Extremist views


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