Associated controversy: what determined 'side-taking' in 1642?

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  • Associated controversy: what determined 'side-taking' in 1642?
    • No simple way of determining why different people took the sides they did
    • Religion
      • Parliament's leaders mostly Puritans
        • Feared Charles was a closet Catholic
        • Convinced King was surrounded by evil counsellors so did not trust him
        • Religious radicalism let them contemplate constitution without monarch as figure head
      • Royalist's side was mainly Catholics and loyal CofE men
        • They agreed with Charles' religious ideas and supported monarchy
    • Geography
      • Many shires + towns divided between 2 sides following old political or religious divides
        • Many followed local patron's allegience
      • 1642 Charles abandoned London + set up in Nottingham - meant London + neighbouring counties fell to parliament
        • London on parliament's side by default - Royalists all followed Charles away
      • Parliament's forces gravitated towards London and let Royalists have North and West
    • No choice
      • Many had no idea which side to pick
      • For many their decision was made for them when one side came to their towns demanding troops
        • led to regional split
      • Many changed allegiance during war
      • Clubmen and other neutrals tried to not support either


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