BPS Key Issue 1: Elizabeth and Religion

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Religion in 1558

- Religion had created a divide between people in England

  • wanted a middle way, not too protestant, not too catholic

- Spanish alliance

  • Phillip married to Mary, officially catholic nation

- Elizabeth

  • brought up + raised by protestants
  • 25 years old when she became a monarch
  • reigned for 45 years (golden age of stability)
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Elizabeth I + religion (ascension)

Nov 1558, Elizabeth cmae to the throne following the death of Mary

  • early priority to settle the religious issue
  • first attempt failed to pass the House of Lords

1559, Elizabeth succeeded in forcing through the Act of Supremacy

  • made her supreme governor of the English Church 
  • then an Act of Uniformity
    • enforced English prayer book for use in all churches
  • followed by injunctions + Thirty--nine articles


  • Puritans (radical protestants)
    • wanted to set up a Genevan system 
    • Attacked use of vestments 
    • Tried to bring about a different form of settlement in the House of Commons 
  • Roman catholics,  didn't like Royal supremacy + saw Elizabeth as illigitimate
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