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Year 10 Development Case
Studies…read more

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Case Study Country Dead Missing Total
Indonesia 126,473 93,943 220,416
­ Tsunami Sri Lanka
· On the 26th of December, 2004, 30, 957 5,637 36,594
there was an earthquake that
took place in the Indian ocean. India 10,749 5,640 16, 389
It caused a Tsunami in fourteen
countries, such as Indonesia, Sri
Lanka, India and Thailand. Thailand 5,595 3,001 8, 596
· Out in the centre of the ocean,
Tsunamis roughly are only 1ft
high, but can move up to speeds Somalia 298 0 298
of 800kph/450mph.
· One of the most famous Maldives
Tsunamis were The Chilean 82 0 82
wave of 22nd of May, 1960,
which hit Chile and Hawaii. Malaysia 68 0 68
(The magnitude was 9.6)
· Most usually, Tsunamis are
caused by Earthquakes, but Burma 61 0 61
volcanic eruptions can also
cause eruptions.
· 126,473 people died in the Tanzania 10 0 10
Indian ocean Tsunami, and
93,943 missing in Indonesia, the
worst hit nation by far.
Bangladesh 2 0 2
Kenya 1 0 1
Total 174,296 108,221 282,518…read more

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What are they?
Trade groups are countries that
have formed together to form a big
trading industry. This can also
mean that these groups can have
allies in case of war. Also it allows
them to reduce or eliminate tariffs
and tax on their products just for
Trading Groups Countries in it their trading bloc.
OPEC Algeria, Angola, Ecuador, Iran, Iraq,
Kuwait, Libya, Nigeria, Qatar, Saudi
Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and
NAFTA United States, Canada, and Mexico
EU Austria Belgium Bulgaria Cyprus
Czech Republic Denmark Estonia Finland
France Germany Greece Hungary Ireland
Italy Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg Malta
Netherlands Poland Portugal Romania
Slovakia Slovenia Spain Sweden United
ASEAN Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines,
Singapore and Thailand. Brunei, Burma
(Myanmar), Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam,
Japan, China, South Korea…read more

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Trade in MEDC's and LEDC's
How Can Trade
Be Positive Imports
Japan's main imports into the
Kenya's main imports into the
TRADE ­ the activity of buying, selling, country are food based due to sub-Saharan country are
or exchanging goods or services the fact that there isn't much electrical products from
between people, firms, or countries. land in their small country. developed countries to shorten
exchange of services, goods, and work load.
capital among various countries and
regions, without much hindrance.
Exports Exports
International trade has flourished over As Japan is one of the major Like most African countries
the years due to the many benefits it technological hubs in the world agricultural products are often
has offered to different countries its main exports are all produced exports with coffee
across the globe. The international electrical. and bananas being at the top of
trade accounts for a good part of a their list.
country's gross domestic product. It is
also one of important sources of
revenue for a developing country
How Is This Positive How is This Positive
Japan are making a big profit Kenya are efficiently improving
over there exports and exports farming methods by having a
with a positive trade balance quicker procedure.…read more

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How Can Trade Be Negative
There are many different reasons why trade could
be bad for countries more importantly LEDC'S.
Effects of Negative trade are:
·Other Countries may be producing the same
product, Which lowers prices to beat competitors.
·To much of one product can also lower the prices
as they need to get rid of the product.
·The transport costs can be too much that you
might lose money.
·Also if your in a commonwealth the MEDC country
might charge its own price.
·Unfair MEDC prices (LEDC'S can't do anything
about it)
·You might already be in dept with that country.
They suggest to pay some of it of they pay a
cheaper price.
·The cost of Workers.…read more

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