Coastal Environment - Economic Development

Everything you need to know about economic development in coastal areas, including 2 case studies, for your AQA Geography B exam.

Coastal areas are a valuable economic source...why

Because of...

  • The development of industry
  • development of trade links
  • tourism
  • a wide range of opportunities - for everyone
  • more and more people moving to coast
  • the coast generating business
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Case Study 1 - Dubai

  • Dubai is the largest coastal development project globally
  • developments cost £500 billion overall

Dubai's developments so far;

  • 24 theme parks
  • hotels, resorts, marinas
  • largest indoor ski dome
  • port terminal
  • golf courses
  • private beaches
  • exports
  • international financial centre
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Case Study 2 - Bahia

  • one of the poorest states in Brazil


New developments have given it;

  • large hotels
  • holiday resorts
  • improved living conditions for residents
  • development taking into consideration nature
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