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SOLUTIONS…read more

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Management is important in developing a successful project process;
aspects such as:
Team allocation…read more

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First duty that project management should carry out
The overall task will be broken down into a series of smaller tasks
Each of which is small enough to be allocated to a small team and can be
completed in a short time
Throughout project, there will be milestones that indicate the end of one task
A stage payment might be received and the project will move onto the next
task or phase…read more

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Is a process that cannot be normally automated
Number of sub-tasks that the project will be broken down into is largely
dependent upon the size of the project and the overall timescale
Small sub-tasks are easier to manage and to get back on track if there is a
Team will be allocated tasks that suit their own expertise, the project
manager may put certain members of staff together because they have
proved to work well with each other in the past
In this case, the project manager may elect to recruit a suitable worker or
send the most suitable candidate within the organisation on a series of
training courses…read more

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Before the contract was awarded the development company would have
put together an estimation of the time required to complete the project and
the associated manpower required
The project management would use this information along with the
projected time scale to draw up a schedule
In modern and complex projects software would be used to schedule and
chart progress…read more

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Gantt charts and critical path analysis are important tools that help plan and
manage complex projects
They help you work out the order in which tasks need to be carried out and
help identify the resources needed
Also help identity the times when resources will be needed and the quickest
possible time in which a project can be completed
Sequential and parallel activities ­ an essential concept behind project
planning is that some activities are dependent on other activities being
completed first…read more

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