Descriptive Statistics Notes - AS OCR Psychology Unit 1

Basic revision notes broken down into small managable chunks!! Hope this helps!! Good Luck! <3

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Psychology Notes ­ Descriptive Statistics
They are used to describe and summarise data and to check significance of results obtained.
Mean ­ Adding up all values then dividing by the number of values ­ Not suitable for nominal
Median ­ The middle value after the list of values has been ordered in ascending order ­ not
suitable for nominal data*
Mode ­ the most common value in a data set ­ suitable for all data*
Bar Charts ­ The height of the bar represents frequency
Pie Charts/Pictograms ­ To illustrate the frequency of data
Scattergraphs ­ Stable visually analyse correlation data
Types of Data
Nominal ­ When data is split into different categories e.g. scores on a chemistry and a biology
test cannot be combined
Ordinal ­ When data is organized in some way e.g. in order of someone's favourite colours
Interval ­ When data is measured using units with equal intervals e.g. scores on a test


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