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OF JESUS…read more

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· In order to bring Jesus to trial, they had to arrest him. In order for there to be
an arrest, two things had to take place.
· The cooperation of Judas, and the location of Jesus. They tried to grab him
on other occasions, but he always alluded their arrest. So Judas agreed to
betray Christ.
· On the night of his arrest, while Jesus was in the garden (John 18:1), he
prayed to God that he would not have to go through this suffering and
crucifixion, but he wanted to do his Father's Will above all (Matthew 26:39-
· Once he was assured that it was the Father's Will that he go to the cross, he
cooperated willingly with the arrest, even with the abuse that his body would
suffer.…read more

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There were six parts to Jesus' trial: three stages in
a religious court and three stages before a
Roman court. Jesus was tried before Annas, the
former high priest; Caiaphas, the current high
priest; and the Sanhedrin. He was charged in
these "ecclesiastical" trials with blasphemy,
claiming to be the Son of God, the Messiah.…read more

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Jesus was sentenced to death by crucifixion. He
was beaten by Roman soldiers, scourged,
stripped, and nailed to a cross. He was crucified
between two robbers, and died.…read more

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His body was placed in the new tomb of a rich man
named Joseph of Arimathea. Jesus had
promised the disciples he would come back after
he died. His enemies knew this. So, to prevent
anyone from stealing the body, they had soldiers
guard the tomb of Jesus.…read more

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On the third day after Jesus died, an angel descended, and
the soldiers fled. The disciples came and found an empty
tomb. Jesus had risen from the dead!
He later appeared to many believers, commanding them
to teach and baptize others.…read more


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