Network Security

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Physical Security Protects the Hardware

  • Serial numbers- Keep a record of all serial numbers, and mark the organisations name and postcode on all equipment- this helps police to identify stolen property
  • Alarms- Computer rooms should be protected by burgalar alarms
  • Fire protection- Use fireproof doors and smoke alarms. Also, automatic gas-flooding systems could be sued to put out any fire to prevent water damaging the euqipment
  • Lock windows and doors to prevent access
  • Avoid putting computers on the ground floor of buildings, where they can be easily seen from outside
  • Blinds and curtains should be closed at night, and monitors should be switches off, so computers are less visable

Access Security Limit's a Perons Use of the Network

  • All authorised users should be given user names and create their own passwords. This will limit unauthorised access to the network
  • Users should change their password frequently
  • Individual users can be assigned access rights- for example network managers can be given access to the software that controls how the network…


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