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Data protection act
AS ICT, chapter 7, OCR…read more

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Individuals rights
· Right to subject access: allowed to see what information a
company holds about you
· Right to prevent processing likely to cause damage or
distress: if processing causes high level of damage or
distress you can ask the company to stop
· Right to prevent processing for direct marketing:
companies need your permission to use your details to send
you marketing material, if you receive unwanted mail, you
can ask to be removed from their mailings list.
· Right in relation to automated decision making: you can ask
that decisions made by a computer can be made by a
person instead…read more

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Individuals rights
· Right to compensation for damage and distress
suffered by an act being contravened: if you can
prove that the data controller didn't follow the
requirements of the data protection act you are
entitled to compensation
· Right to rectify, block or erase incorrect data: if the
data about you is wrong you can get it corrected.…read more

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Consent may be needed if:
· Data is needed for setting up a contract
· Data is necessary by law
· Data helps to protect interests of the data subject
· Necessary for administering justice
· Required by government or is in public interest
Data can be registered but is exempt from public
access if:
· Data affects a criminal investigation
· Data affects outcome of a court case…read more

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· Data affects a tax assessment
· Data may identify another person…read more

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Principals of the DPA
1. Data must be processed lawfully and fairly
2. Data must be obtained for specific purposes and mustn't
be processed in any other way
3. Data must be adequate, relevant and not excessive in
relation to the purpose
4. Data must be accurate and up to date
5. Data mustn't be kept for longer than necessary
6. Data must be processed in accordance with the rights of
the data subject
7. Measures must be taken to prevent unlawful processing or
8. Data mustn't be transferred to a country outside the
European economic area (EEA) unless that country has
adequate levels of data protection.…read more


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