Dancing at Lughnasa - Dramatic Techniques and Devices

A document analysing some of Friel's most important dramatic techniques and devices in the play. Document is broken up into 5 points and covers:

  • Foreshadowing
  • Use of symbolic devices (radio, kites)
  • Stage Directions
  • The 'Unseen Boy'
  • The False Memory

I have my AS retake in 3 days, so compiling my resources here!

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Eleanor PrescottDancing at LughnasaRevision Notes

`Dancing at Lughnasa', dramatic techniques and devices
Foreshadowing ­ through the use of devices (see below) or narrative; Friel often hints at what comes
later in the play, sometimes sneaky ­ in the first dialogue for example, Chris says "W hen a re we

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Eleanor PrescottDancing at LughnasaRevision Notes

both real and imagined at the same time, and his memories become more true to feelings as they go
further from the actual order of events.


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