Daily Hassles

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  • Measuring Hassles and Uplifts
  • HSUP measures respondents attitudes towards daily situations; can evaluate the effect on someones wellbeing.
  • Daily Hassles
  • The relationship between daily hassles and mental health of students during initial transition period from school to university was studied.
  • First year students at a french uni completed hassles part of HSUP and Beck Depression Inventory
  • 41% of students suffered depressive symptons and positive correlation between scores on hassles and incidence of depressive symptons.
  • Daily hassles are a significant risk factor for depression.
  • Daily Uplifts
  • Nurses were asked to keep a diary for a month to record each hassle and uplift at work; also asked to rate own performance.
  • End of the months the daily hassles increased job strain and decreased job performance.
  • They felt some of the uplifts counteracted the negative effects of their daily hassles.. as well as helping to overcome stresss.
  • Daily uplifts also improved performance job.
  • Daily Hassles Versus Life Changes
  • Daily hassles are comparable to life changes for stress.
  • In an australian study,


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