daily hassles

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Daily hassles

Measuring hassles and uplifts

The hassles and uplift scales or HSUP- Delongis et al 1982 = measures respondents’ attitudes toward daily situations.

The HSUP provides a way of evaluating both the positive and negative events that occur in each person’s daily life.

Daily hassles

Bouteyre et al 2007

  • Investigated the relationship between daily hassles and mental health of students during the initial transition period from school to university.

  • First year psychology students at a French university

  • Completed the hassles part of the HSUP and the Beck Depression inventory- this was to measure whether the students had to developed depression due to the hassles of the transition.

  • 41% of the student studied suffered from depressive symptoms and there was a positive correlation between scores on the hassles scale and the incident of depression symptoms

  • Daily hassles = significant risk to depression.

Daily uplifts

Gervais 2005

  • Asked nurses to keep diaries for a month, recording all their daily hassles and uplifts while at work.

  • Rate their own performance

  • Daily hassles were found to increase job strain and decrease job performance.

  • Nurses


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