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By Rich and Pez…read more

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What is it?
It is a theory which believes that there needs
to be a cue or stimulus to spark aggressive
BEHAVIOUR!!…read more

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Berkowitz and LePage (1967)
Hypothesis: An aggressive cue will trigger
aggression in the person who was already
Participants: 100 undergraduate
psychology students.
Each participant was paired with a
confederate, but they did not know they
were a stooge.
Participants were told they were taking
part in `a study of the physiological
reactions to stress during a problem-…read more

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· Participants split into two conditions: Angry
group - received lots of electric shocks from
stooge. Control group ­ Only received one
shock from their partner.
· In the second part of the experiment: subject
and stooge switched.
· When the participants were administering
shocks, in some cases there was a shotgun and
a revolver present and in other cases a
badminton racket with shuttlecocks.
· Berkowitz then measured the amount of
shocks given and found that the angry group
gave more shocks and held the shock key down…read more

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Methodological Issues
Lacks ecological validity because it was done
in a laboratory.
Due to the unusual presence of weapons, the
behaviour may not have been normal and
could be the result of demand characteristics.
When repeated, the study did not show
consistency in its results.…read more

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Ethical Issues
Deception ­ participants did not realise their
partners were stooges and the experimenter
decided the amount of shocks given to them.
Electric shocks ­ albeit mild ­ could have
caused harm.
No debriefing was given!!…read more

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