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Cromwell's Foreign policy
1) Religious considerations
Wanted to weaken the powerful Spain, which was the most powerful catholic
2) Commercial considerations
Cromwell didn't recognise the growing importance of commercialism at this time
3) National considerations
English formed an alliance with France against Spain from 16551659
4) Imperial considerations…

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Under the treaty the Dutch promised that a member of their royal family would never
again act as Stadtholder, Cromwell insisted that the terms were not too harsh on the
Dutch because he wanted their support to defeat Spain.

The defeat of the Dutch enhanced the military reputation of the…

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as God's judgment for England's lack of progress in creating a godly nation> he used
this to introduce the major generals.

Commercial war with Spain was harmful as there was growing discontent at the high
taxes to fun war when there was no benefit.

The war with Spain officially started…

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The Baltic
Sweden was a powerful country with a lot of control over the Baltic Sea and England
wanted an alliance so they could be more prominent in the Baltic. In 1654 Sweden and
England entered into a treaty intended to weaken the Dutch, who had a
disproportionate commercial advantage.…

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promoted in the Baltic, through the trading agreement with Sweden. However the navy
costs a lot of money.


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