Cromwell's Foreign Policy

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  • Cromwell's Foreign Policy
    • Anglo-Dutch Relations
      • In 1654 he secured the Treaty of Westminster which made peace with the Dutch, therefore not only securing a Protestant ally but a important trading partner
    • Baltic policy
      • Secured peace with Sweden (through Commercial Treaty) and Denmark (Treat of Roskilde) also securing trade routes
        • Much more successful in this than Rump
    • Harris; Charles' foreign policy was 'inglorious' compared to Cromwell's
    • Spain
      • Western Design though to be 'God's plan' against Catholicism
        • Widely seen as a failure amidst Spanish forces- yet relative successes in capture of Jamaica (not San Domingo) and lenient settlement with included trade
    • France
      • Lenient settlement with Spain to turn France into enemy- yet still made ally later on
      • Important event was intervention on Vaudious Massacre by Duke of Savoy
        • Continuation of 'activist' foreign policy by protecting Protestant (Hugenot) interests
    • Clarendon; 'his glory at home nothing compared to his glory abroad'
    • Capp; navy established under Rump expanded upon
    • Farr; 'continuation' and 'development' of trade


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