Cromwell's Foreign Policy

British Monarchy: the Crisis of State, 1642 - 1689

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  • Cromwell's Foreign Policy
    • Peace with the United Provinces
      • England received the spice island Pula Run in the East Indies
        • The Dutch agreed to refuse any help to Charles II
        • The English received control over the English Channel
    • Western Design
      • To 'pander' traditional English puritan prejudices against Spain. 160 were unemployed after Peace with the Dutch
        • FAILURE - driven off Haiti - took Jamaica instead = no real value
    • Support for Protestants in Piedmont
      • Confirmed the threat of Catholicisim in England
    • Alliance with France. War with Spain
    • Anti-Spanish Treaty with France
    • Battle of Santa Cruz
      • Admiral Blake destroyed the Spanish treasure fleet
    • Battle of the Dunes
      • Dunkirk captured from Spain
    • Overall, unsuccessful. Gave Cromwell prestige abroad but was very expensive.
      • Caused tension at home
      • One main area of failure was Cromwell's planned federation against Spain - religion was no longer a major factor in international relations
        • Cromwell was slow to realise this
      • The Western Design paved the way to a French Treaty and England's regaining of Dunkirk
        • Also paved way to colonial policy which built the British Empire


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