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OCR GCSE ­ B579…read more

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Core beliefs
Nature of God
Messiah and the messianic age
The meaning and understanding of covenant
The law and the mitzvot
Beliefs about life after death…read more

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The nature of God
Jews believe that God is unlike anything else that exists so it is very
hard to describe God.
Most Jews believe 10 main things about God:
1. There is only one God
2. God made the universe and everything in it Jews are
3. God is eternal beyond time and space monotheists
4. God is not limited by having a physical body meaning that they
5. God is everywhere at all times
believe that there is
6. God is perfectly good and perfectly loving
7. God wants people to treat each other properly only one God
8. God is omnipotent ­ all powerful
9. God is omnipresent ­ all knowing
10. God judges each individual after death…read more

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The nature of God
There are occasions in the Jewish scriptures when god appears,
however it is only in the garden of Eden that he is described as
being in human form
`so god created man in his image; in the image of god he created
During the rest of the Tenakh God appears as a pillar of cloud or
flame and sometimes only a voice. Even sometimes a powerful
`I saw the lord sitting upon a high and lofty throne,'…read more

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The nature of God
The Shema
The Tenakh and the Torah contain Jewish teachings about
God but the central statement of Jewish belief is found in the
This statement of belief in one God is at the centre of Jewish
The Shema also tells the Jews what God will provide for them
and what they must do…read more

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The word messiah means the anointed one
Messiah beliefs:
The anointed one is a person who has been given special
powers and functions by God
Jews believe that the coming of the messiah will be followed
by the return of Elijah
They believe that the messiah would cleanse the Jews of their
sins before establishing the kingdom, but the messiah would
suffer for peoples sins
Most Jews are still waiting for the messiah today…read more

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