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1. Coordinate geometry
Always draw a diagram of the given coordinates; you will be able to
see if the gradient of a line is positive or negative so check your
Midpoint is found by finding average of 2 x-values and 2 y-values.…

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4. Intersection of curve and line
This can involve 3 different topics, or they may be separate questions.
Simultaneous equations ­ use substitution by putting line into curve,
rearrange the equation to get = 0.
If a quadratic equation is made then solve it and find 2 values of x…

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6. First principles
There are 5 lines of working needed, you will drop marks if you don't set
working out correctly. If y = 2x2 -5x+3
dy lim [2(x x) 2 5(x x) 3] [2x 2 5x 3]
x 0
dx x
lim 2x 4xx 2x 5x 5x 3 2x…

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9. Stationary points

Find dy/dx and put it = 0.
This will give a quadratic equation, factorise and solve finding 2
values of x.
Substitute both x in to original equation to find y, write as
Find , substitute in both values of x.
dx 2
d2y d2y…

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12. Binomials
The formula are at the top of first page of formula booklet.
Try to remember the following:
(a b) 3 a 3 3a 2 b 3ab 2 b 3
(a b) 4 a 4 4a 3 b 6a 2 b 2 4ab 3 b 4
(a b) 5…


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