C2 Integration- Basic

Basic principles of C2 Integration

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Edexcel A-level Mathematics
Core 2
Alex D
February 2, 2013
In this document I go through Integration to the standard of Core 2.
For basic understanding.

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You should be familiar with Integration, to some extent, as it is covered
in Core 1 (C1). Thus, you should know that
3x2 dx = x3 + C (1)
Where C is an arbitury constant. In this unit we shall begin to determine
how you can integrate between two limits.
2 Representing limits
As previously discussed, what makes Core 2 integration differ from Core
1, is mainly that you have two integrate between two limits. I.e. you're
integrating a function between defined limits, e.g.…read more



Printed, worked example of a definite integral (of 3x²) from x = 1 to x = 2.  Simple, accurate.

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