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British Depth Study Timeline
Why did the Conservatives remain in power from 1951 to 1964? Problems of the Labour Party
MacMillan as Prime Minister
Social Changes and Prosperity
The conservatives had Effective handling of Suez crisis
More consumer goods were Young men were no longer The Government lost The Government was
Increase in ownership of con- and successful domestic policies
being produced which people fulfilled their promise forced into national service support as if nuclear forced to decide Britain's Higher education was
sumer goods increases morale Because the nation had meant the incident didn't have a The incident had a huge
could also now afford. There and had reduced home- giving them freedom and warfare broke out between MacMillan's reputation was new place in the world now available to every-
and support for Conservatives more food it increased major impact on Conservative MacMillan adapted his policies impact on support for the
were also higher wages, better lessness confirming the war was the USA and USSR, Glasgow ruined causing a decrease in causing internal one causing increased His resignation came due
morale along with public Under Gaitskell labour split support. Landlords earnt more to reduce immigration. Improved lifestyles under party and press ran the
conditions and more jobs now. over. would become a target. support. disagreements. support. to the scandals proving
Tax cuts and the opinion of the MacMillan achieved between Bevanites and money than they had Conservatives causing scandalous story for
he wasn't unflappable
Denationalisation of Gaitskellites. increased support.
reduction of Bank Government
promise of 300000 Effective handling of Review of Britain's in the war Immigration and Campaign for Nuclear several days.
Night of the Long No entry to European Expansion of State
rates Industries End of food rationing new houses Clement Attlee retires the Suez Canal Crisis defence policy Rent Act abolished Notting Hill Riots Consumer Boom Disarmament Profumo Affair Knives Common Market Education MacMillan resigns
Britain's Class barriers
Caused by the As a result Factories and Consequently The end This Huge Homeless- This was He was Invasion of the Britain was Economic Compulsory A more Landlords Thousands of Racism and £350m Increase in In return for 1/3 of the The Gov- MacMillan had MacMillan's Britain had Britain Change in Supposedly Sir Alec
Secretary of reduced.
beginning of people had resources were industries of the meant demand ness reduced. because succeeded Suez Canal by forced to pull issues forced national affluent could immigrants attacks on tax cuts ownership of nuclear arms population ernment sacked 1/3 of sacking of the lost it's place forced to society. The due to ill Douglas-
State for Working
economic more no longer returned to war people for new Support for Attlee didn't by Gaitskell British Troops out of Egypt by the service was society. charge move here for Africans and consumer MacMillan wanted was made his cabinet party's most as a world choose lower health. Home
War, John classes could
recovery. disposable needed for the production of increased were homes Party and expect as labour under Eden. the USA. Eden Government ended how jobs as there is a Afro- goods such as gave the USA nuclear a mockery caused by loyal supporters superpower. between classes becomes
Profumo, now go to
income and war effort so consumer imported better caused MacMillan labour to leader. resigned and to make much rent shortage of Caribbeans in cars, TVs, a base at disarmament. of by declining sup- was considered Europe, the wanted PM.
had slept University.
there was they were goods. food. fed and by war. win and also MacMillan cutbacks. they workers. Nottingham washing Holy Loch Satirists. It port by the too hasty and Atlantic and better
with Resulted in
increased privatised. could eat because he became Prime wanted. and Notting Hill machines and near was also a Conservatives. MacMillan's Common- education
Christine better skilled
consumerism what was 72 years Minister in (London) . fridges. Glasgow for huge reputation for wealth. and jobs.
Keeler who workforce and
they old. 1957. their Polaris threat to being
had also people could
wanted. nuclear national unflappable was
slept with a get better
submarines. security. ruined.
Soviet Spy. jobs.
July Summer Summer July January October October
1951 1952 1953 1954 1955 1956 1957 1958 1959 1960 1961 1962 1963 1964
MacMillan was a popular candidate for PM due to Due to his handling of the Suez Crisis, Macmillan became unflappable but this was not true when it came to the Profumo affair.
his success as housing Minister
Increased consumerism and disposable incomes
War-time restrictions were removed
A major disagreement in the labour party was over the CND. The Bevanites widely supported nuclear disarmament.


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