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Religion and the Conscience

Religion and conscience are often associated with one another.


There is no Hebrew word for conscience.
Plays a part in many biblical stories
Jonathon Gorsky (1999) argues that the conscience can be seen in stories like
when Joseph is tempted by the wife of Potiphar,…

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Sutfi tradition is an exception, where there is a sense of an individual awareness of
conscience as the soul must be held ready for the grace of illumination.

Scholarly thinking on the conscience


He saw the conscience as a faculty or device by which we make moral decisions, it…

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IGNORANCE, this is culpable ignorance as factors are within the realms of
your duty to know about.
Joseph Butler

Anglican priest, theologian.
Wrote that the most crucial thing that distinguishes men and women from the animal world is
the possession of the faculty of conscience and reason.
Being human involves…


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