Complete quote list from stories in Bloody Chamber

Quotes from the stories in bloody chamber.

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Away from paris, away from girlhood
Into the unguessable country of marriage
Ceased to be her child in becoming his wife
Indomitable mother
Im sure I want to marry him
Leaving his wife and child a legacy of tears that never quite dried
Great ancestral bed
That magic place
Legendary habitation
His footfall turned the carpet into snow
I was forced to mimic surprise
He was much older than I
Absolute absence of light
That face lay underneath this mask
he seemed to me like a lily
He had invited me to join this gallery of beautiful women
His wedding gift clasped around my throat
A red ribbon like the memory of a wound
The next day we were married
Into marriage into exile
The faery solitude of the place
Lovely, sad, sea siren of a place
Our bed. And surrounded by so many mirrors
My purchaser unwrapped his bargain
I was innocent but not naïve
Looked like an embalming parlour
Here were clumsy and archaic keys for the dungeons
Costume of a student
A garland of light
Muffled my footsteps, even my breathing
Instruments of mutilation
If they were sweating with fright
Blue imprint of his strangler's fingers
Dead lips smiled
Final image of his bride
Door of hell
Dead as his wives
Castle of murder
Lost, as the victims loses to the executioner
The atrocious loneliness of that monster
Costume of a victim
They looked like trumpets of the angels of death
Your exquisite corpse
Twisted my hair into a rope
The whizz of a heavy sword
Irreproachable bullet through my husband head
One beast and only one howls in the woods by night
Congregation of nightmare
You are always in danger in the forest
Mourn their own condition
Children do not stay young for long in this savage country
Unbroken egg
The forest closed upon her like a pair of jaws
The grandfather clock ticks away her eroding time
Howling as if their hearts would break
She knew she was nobody's meat
What should I do with my blouse?

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Lay his fearful head on her lap
In granny's bed between the paws of the tender wolf
Perfect transparency must be impenetrable
It struck the wood with nicotine-stained finger
The woods enclose
The wood swallows you up
The trees stir with a noise like taffeta skirts of women who have lost themselves in the woods and hunt round
hopelessly for the way out
She will be trapped in her own illusion
Erl- King will do you grievous harm
Rusty fox, its muzzle sharpened to a…read more

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She hovers over, no man's land between life and death
He will learn to shudder in the trenches.…read more

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The dog wore, in place of a collar a diamond necklace
Drink me- eat me
Not only a telephone but the card of a garage that advertised a twenty four hour rescue
Beauty's father stole the rose
A pride of lions, introduced his host
Take her the rose then but bring her to dinner
She smiled with both her mouth and her eyes
She forced a smile
She would have gladly gone to the ends of the earth for her father
Her father kissed her…read more

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The furs sprang off the countess's shoulder and twined round the naked girl
Her boots leapt off the countess feet and on to the girl's legs
Countess was bare as a bone and the girl furred
The count felt sorry for his wife
Girl picks a rose; pricks her finger on the thorn; bleed; screams; falls
Thrust his virile member into the dead girl
Reined in her stamping mare
Watched him narrowly; he was soon finished
Countess had all her clothes on again
She dropped…read more


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