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Away from paris, away from girlhood
Into the unguessable country of marriage
Ceased to be her child in becoming his wife
Indomitable mother
Im sure I want to marry him
Leaving his wife and child a legacy of tears that never quite dried
Great ancestral bed
That magic place

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Lay his fearful head on her lap
In granny's bed between the paws of the tender wolf
Perfect transparency must be impenetrable
It struck the wood with nicotine-stained finger
The woods enclose
The wood swallows you up
The trees stir with a noise like taffeta skirts of women who have…

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She hovers over, no man's land between life and death
He will learn to shudder in the trenches. But this girl cannot make him shudder
She has waited for him all her life
Invite of her fatal embrace
Fumbled the ritual
He is an exorcism
The end of exile is…

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The dog wore, in place of a collar a diamond necklace
Drink me- eat me
Not only a telephone but the card of a garage that advertised a twenty four hour rescue
Beauty's father stole the rose
A pride of lions, introduced his host
Take her the rose then but…

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The furs sprang off the countess's shoulder and twined round the naked girl
Her boots leapt off the countess feet and on to the girl's legs
Countess was bare as a bone and the girl furred
The count felt sorry for his wife
Girl picks a rose; pricks her finger…


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