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The Bloody Chamber by Angela Carter
Notes on Features of the Gothic

The story is retrospective, typical of the Gothic genre, which also hints to the reader that
the protagonist is alive at the end of the story.
The narrator skims over the time of her courtship with…

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Carter deliberately chooses words which will often elude the reader; unusual, pretty-
sounding words which create a feeling of both luxury and opulence and the unknown,
such as "deliquescent" and "liminal". This mirrors the narrator's own preconceptions of
marriage to the Marquis: opulent, but unknowable.
Metaphor is used…

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She claims, "I only did what he knew I would" to which the piano-tuner responds, "like
Eve." This can be read in one light as defiance, as Eve defied the rules set down for her
by the patriarch, God, replace by the Marquis in this story. However in another…




very good notes.

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