Complete PHYA5A revision powerpoint AQA Physics A A2 ASTROPHYSICS OPTION

Everything required for the AQA Physics A optional module in unit 5- ASTROPHYSICS option

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Physics Uni
t 5A:
Siobhan Par
ish…read more

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Chapter One…read more

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0 A converging lens makes parallel rays converge to a focus.
0 The point that they focus to is the principal focus/focal
point of the lens
0 A diverging lens makes parallel rays diverge
0 The point where the rays come from is the principle
focus/focal point of the lens
0 The distance from the lens to the principal focus is the
focal length of the lens
0 The plane on each side of the lens perpendicular to the
principle axis containing the principle focus is the focal
plane…read more

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Investigating the converging lens
0 Object at different distances beyond the principal
focus. Position of the screen is adjusted until a clear image
is seen. Image is real because it is formed on the screen
where the light rays meet. If the object is moved nearer the
lens, towards the principal focus, the screen must be
moved further away. The nearer the object is the to the
lens the larger the image is
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0 Object nearer to the lens than the principal focus.
Magnified image is formed as lens acts as a magnifying
glass. Image can only be seen when you look into the
screen from the other side to the object. Image is called
virtual because it's formed where the light rays appear to
come from
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Ray Diagrams
Focal length represented by f, object distance u. Can find the
nature of the image formed by a ray diagram by drawing a to
scale ray diagram
0 Lens is a single line where refraction takes place
0 Straight line through the centre of the principal lens
perpendicular to the lens is the principal axis
0 The principal focus F, is at the distance from the lens on
both sides
0 Object represented by an upright arrow…read more

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