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  • Initial Star Mass < 0.4M
    • 4. You end up with a relativly small hot (approx 20,000K) White Dwarf that slowly cools
      • White Dwarf
    • 3. The star contacts, GPE is converted into KE and the star heats up.
        • The star again runs out of fuel and collapses in on the core, however this time the mass is so great that the core implodes, a shock waves rips through the star and it explodes.
          • Supernova
            • Inital star mass of 8M-20M
              • Neutron Star
                • Core remnant mass of 1.4M-2.5M
                • Diameter of 20-40km
            • Initial star mass >20M
              • Black Hole
                • Core remnant mass >2.5M
                • An area of space where the gravitational forces are so great that even the speed of light is not fast enough to escape it
          • Initial Star Mass 0.4M - 8M
      • 4. Nuclear fusion of the helium core begins with hydrogen around the core


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