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Physics Unit 5 Revision
Siobhan Parish…read more

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Chapter 9…read more

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Discovery of the nucleus
Rutherford's experiment
1. Alpha particles had the same speed as otherwise
slow particles would be deflected more than the
faster ones on the same initial path Evacuated
2. Container must be evacuated or container
would be stopped by air source Thin
molecules metal
3. Alpha source must have a long
half-life or later readings would
be lower than earlier ones due to Observe
radioactive decay Moveable
screen…read more

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Discovery of the nucleus
Rutherford found:
· Most particles went through the foil
· ~ 1 in 2000 were deflected
· ~ 1 in 10000 were deflected more than 90
Rutherford concluded:
· Nucleus at the centre of the atom contained
most of its mass
· Nucleus was very small
· Nucleus is positively charged…read more

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The discovery of the nucleus
· The greater deflection is because the
electrostatic force of repulsion between the alpha
particle and the nucleus increases with
decreased separation between them
· The smaller deflection means the alpha particle
is further away from the nucleus…read more

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Discovery of the nucleus…read more

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Jamie MacLeod


Good source, but on the ionization effectiveness it's not because gamma has no charge, but is rather it has no mass, and a tiny momentum and energy, as well as it can only interact with one electron. Very good otherwise!

Uman Nulla


Very useful clean stuff, wish it was a word document though

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