Complete Analysis of Frankenstein's Narrative Form

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Frankenstein: Form
Some crossover with structure document read in conjunction!
Three volume novel
During 19th Century , this was a popular publishing format
Instead of common trilogy, novels would be published in three sections
Particularly successful midVictorian era
Volume price remained stable half a guinea around £20 nowadays
Novel price would therefore be 1.5 guineas around £60
Gothic fiction
Typical of Gothic fiction is the usage of multiple narration for a layered
Various narrators = testimony to add truth and plausibility to a tale
Epistolary form
Allows range of perceptions to events more rounded view of plot is bestowed upon
Connected narratives are able to grow organically from one another impossible
to extricate them, depend on each other Monster's narrative is part of
Frankenstein's etc
Shelley's novel
Arguably first great science fiction novel
Scifi techniques include dystopian possibilities, heroic fantasy of hero, reliance
on horror, paranormal and scientific advance
Production of text indicates science fiction Shelley influenced by oratory method of
Used different styles of novels as author Godwinian novel exploring
contradictory relations between self and society, Walter Scott's new historical
novel commenting on gender , and Gothic


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