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Collapse of
1933-1939…read more

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Foreign Policy-Italy
O From 1922-1943 Benito Mussolini led Italy in a
fascist dictatorship.
O In the early 30's he was very suspicious of his
fascist rival Adolf Hitler.
O In 1934, when Hitler first attempted to take over
Austria, Italy opposed and seemed to be getting
closer to Britain and France
O In 1935 however, their foreign policy changed;
they began to look for ways to increase overseas
territory, and invade Abyssinia…read more

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Foreign Policy-Japan
O Japan was one of the victorious powers in
the WW1 and was given Mariana, Marshall
and Caroline Islands
O In 1931 they decided to invade the Chinese
province of Manchuria.
O They successfully conquered Manchuria and
renamed it Manchukuo, and installed the
former Chinese head of state…read more

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Foreign Policy-Britain
O After WW1 their main priority was to deal with
the growing problems in Ireland
O By the mid 30's their policy was to appease the
dictators in Europe. It was hoped Mussolini
would then not join forces with Hitler
O Prime minister Neville Chamberlain and his
government gave further concessions to
Germany in order to try and maintain peace.
O The appeasement policy was widely supported
in Britain due to the fear of another war.…read more

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Foreign Policy-France
O They suffered heavily in WW1, with the northern
part of the country devastated, and over 5 million
dead or injured in France all together.
O French and Belgian troops invaded the Ruhr region
of Germany in 1923, when they didn't pay their
O In the late 30's Daladier the French prime minister
joined Chamberlain in the policy of appeasement.
O Rather than honour its commitment to defend
Czechoslovakia , France joined Britain in appeasing
Hitler at the Munch Agreement in 1938…read more

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Foreign Policy-
O From 1933 German foreign policy was
controlled by Hitler. His aims were to:
O Dismantle and Abolish the Treaty of Versailles
O Create `Lebensraum' (living space) in Eastern
O Create a union with Austria
O Defeat communism…read more

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