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Cold War Timeline

Year Event Leaders

1945 End of World War II
- February Yalta Conference
· Agreed on diving Germany and Austria Stalin
· Germany to pay $20m in reparations to allies
· Eastern Europe to have free elections (but didnt happen!)
· United Nations established (Churchill)

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Cold War Timeline

Year Event Leaders

NSC-68 issued by National Security Council Truman
1950 · Saw world in bipolar terms
· made recommendations for direction of US foreign policy
· Emphasis now on more aggressive roll back rather than containment

- February Sino-Soviet Alliance signed
- June Start…

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Cold War Timeline

Year Event Leaders

D é t e n t e b e g i n s
1964 China explodes its first nuclear bomb
1965 USA enters Vietnam war

USSR develops its policy of trying to isolate China by strengthening Brezhnev
its alliance with Mongolia, N. Korea…

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Cold War Timeline

Year Event Leaders

T h e c o l l a p s e o f c o m m u n i s m a n d e n d o f t h e C o l d Wa r

1985 Geneva Summit





This is a superb timeline that will assist with learning all the key dates and events of the entire Cold War era. It also includes changes in leadership and divides the information into key stages. Highly recommended.

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