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Multi-Store Model ­ Atkinson and Shiffrin


· Three separate stores.

· Each store has a different capacity, duration and encoding.

· Information must be paid attention to and rehearsed in order to move it from the short-term
store into the long term store.

· This is done through elaborate…

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+ Greater depth than the MSM

+ Explains how we can do more than one task simultaneously.

+ Farah et al ­ LH (had been in a car accident) performed better on spatial tasks than those
involving words.

+ Baddeley et al who found we can do more than…

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· Yarmey ­ showed young and older adults a film of a staged event and then asked questions.
Found that 80% of older adults and 20% of the younger adults failed to mention the key detail.


+ Tells us we should be careful when examining anyone's EWT but particularly…

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o Context Reinstatement (CR)

o Report Everything (RE)

o Changed Perspective (CP)

o Reverse Order (RO)

· Fisher et al went on to create the enhanced cognitive technique which included some addition


· Geiselman ­ showed video of simulated crime and found that the CIT prompted the most…


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