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Cognitive Interview
Outline and evaluate research into the cognitive interview
Outline Interview
The cognitive interview is an interview There are a range of studies which support
technique developed by Geiselman (1992) the effectiveness of the cognitive interview.
who thought that memory research suggested
that normal police interviewing techniques A metaanalysis of 53 studies found on
were not as effective as the could be. average an increase of 34% in the amount of
correct information generated by CI
Later, following the experience of using the compared to standard interviewing
cognitive interview, the enhanced cognitive techniques. (Kohnken et al).
interview was introduced.
In a reallife setting Stein and Memon found
The original cognitive interview had four that the introduction of CI techniques in Brazil
features. The first of these is that witnesses lead to improved recall in police interviews.
should be encouraged to report everything ­
every single detail of the event However, the metaanalysis may include
Another approach would be for the witnesses some poor quality studies, and in any study,
to recreate the original context ­ put together such as the Stein and Memom, which
the scene in detail. A third thing that could be requires training police in CI techniques, then
tried is for the witness to recall the events in it might be the increased expectations that
a different order ­ for example, from finish to produces the improvement in interview results
start rather than from start to finish. Finally, rather than the CI technique itself.
the witness could be asked to change the
perspective ­ to report the incident from the So, the evidence is that the cognitive
point of view of anther person present. interview technique is effective in many
The enhanced techniques adds general points
such as the need for interviewer to ensure One limitation of the cognitive interview is
that they are `speaking the same language' as that it does not make poor interviewing
the interviewee and leaving enough time for technique any less likely. So witness recall
the interviewee to answer questions fully. using cognitive interviewing techniques will be
just as influenced by a leading question as a
conventional approach.


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