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Cognitive Psychology

1. Multi Store Model of Memory (Atkinson and Shriffrin 1968)

Sensory Memory Sperling (1960) Half a Second Grid All
Short Term Memory Miller (1956) Digit Span Test Capacity
Peterson and Peterson (1959) Trigram Duration
Baddeley (1966) Cat, Cab, Can, Cad, Cap Encoding
Long Term Memory Bahrick et al…

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Cognitive Psychology

Case Study ­ Clive Wearing

Clive Wearing contracted a virus that attacked his brain, leaving him unable to store new memories.
The part of his brain that takes memories from his short term memory into his long term memory is
damaged. He remembers his wife and how to…

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Cognitive Psychology

Central Executive ­ The part that controls all the other parts of the working memory; selectively
attends to some stimuli whilst ignoring others and retrieving information
Phonological Store ­ Holds information that is speech or sound related for a short amount of time
(about two seconds)
Articulatory Control…

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Cognitive Psychology

Anastasi and They categorised their participants in a similar way to Yarmey and each participant
Rhodes (2006) was shown 24 people of various ages. They were then asked to rate each person on
their level of attractiveness after which they completed a distraction task. They were
then asked…

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Cognitive Psychology

Context Reinstatement ­ Mentally think about the context of the situation. Think about the weather,
what you were feeling events that occurred before and after the situation in order to jog your
Report Everything ­ Report each and every detail you can recall, even if it's trivial…

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Cognitive Psychology

memory. This has a 95% success rate but for objects that aren't related to each other and for people
who learn at least a little bit visually


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