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The Clown Punk [Simon Armitage]
Structure and form
Sonnet form
Draws attention to lack of love
Starts with perfect rhymes; changes to half rhymes
Indicates that the clown is falling to pieces
The narrator is directly speaking to the children, like it is a bed time story.
"Clown punk"
Juxtaposition b/c clown = silly and punk = rebel
"Shonky side of town"
Sense of security + comfort from the car is challenged
Dialect gives sense of place and draws the reader in to share the personal experience
"Like a basket of washing that got up"
Simile mocks and ridicules
Makes the Clown Punk look undignified
"Town clown"
Contributes to the idea of a comic image
"But ­ Don't laugh"
Enjambment draws attention to the expected reaction
The caesura adds dramatic effect
Negating (counteracting) the automatic response of fear
Tattoo is done clumsily + hastily like a child
"Dyed brain"
His visual persona goes deeper than surface image
Indelible ink = has foolishly tied himself to his youth
"Daft Mush"
Colloquial (informal) language provokes laughter NOT fear
Lightens tone to reassure children
"Remember" and "picture"
Imperatives highlight power of the imagination + guide the reader's reaction
Children create own images to combat fear
Infers regrettable state of Punk + poet's disapproval
"Let it rain"

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Instructing them to wash away the Punk from their minds
"Like a basket of washing that got up"
Conjures a shambolic person
Makes us re-imagine a heavily tattooed body. The Clown Punk's body is an image of its own, made up of
"every pixel". BUT we are encouraged to think sympathetically instead of reacting fearfully b/c we imagine a
person in old age when the tattoos become "sad".
The painting seems to permeate the structure through words such as "daubed", "dyed", and "ink".…read more


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