Medusa and The Clown Punk

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Medusa and The Clown Punk


  • The eponymous characters of both poems are frightening as well as tragic
  • Both poems rely on strong visual imagery to engage the reader
  • Like Medusa, the Clown Punk is a character we wouldn't normally observe so closely: both poems ask us to take a second look at someone we might try to avoid
  • Both characters are isolated from other people due to appearence


  • 'Medusa' explores the theme of love and experiences the character has after having her heart broken
  • 'Medusa experiences the themes of revenge and transforms into a different person
  • 'The Clown Punk' explores the themes of homelessness
  • 'The Clown Punk' the punk movement and the idea of trends being 'out of date'

Overall comparison

The two poems include characters which are quite frightening and are isolated. However, the two poems explore different themes. 'Medusa' explores the themes of love and loss and 'The Clown Punk' explores themes of homelessness. 


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