The Clown Punk- English Literature poetry

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  • The Clown Punk - by Simon Armitage
    • Structure
      • written in a sonnet form: often associated with love poetry
        • could suggest a fondness for the punk
        • could make us feel pitiful in contrast to those in the poem
          • visual similarity but lack of rhyme may portray inconsistencies in what we see- as if thepunk is not fully understood and is only judged *quote* by his looks
    • meaning of the poem
      • Themes
        • appearance
          • The way we dress influences how people see us. The punk's appearance of the 70's  reflects his beliefs, intended to create a reaction
        • desolation
          • the last 2 lines create a sensitive effect as we are told to forget this person- and is lhysically marginalised and treated as different.
        • prejudice
          • punk is less opinionated on what people think as we hear no reply
    • Language
      • "remember the clown punk with his dyed brain, then picture windscreen wipers, and let it rain"
        • message to society about being tolerant of those who are outsiders
      • "like a basket of washing that got up"
        • reserved critisisms that the driver makes creates a philisophical tone.
      • "Clown Punk"
        • creates a juxtaposition (contrasting) of the 2 nouns makes us question this person- not the usual you would come across.
    • Effect On You
      • makes us feel some extent of sympathy and question whether it i right to judge
      • directed at us "you"- puts us in different scenarios (line 8), (line 14) and this is how we may have varied opinions on this 'punk'


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