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Circulatory System

Open Circulatory system:
Insects and some other small animal groups
Blood circulates in large open spaces
Single heart pumps blood out into cavities surrounding animal's organs
Substances diffuse between blood and cells

Closed circulatory system:
Blood is enclosed within tubes
Arteries ­ arterioles ­ capillaries ­ venules -…

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Cardiac cycle:

1. endothelium becomes
2. Inflammatory response
a. White blood cells leave blood and move into artery wall
b. These cells accumulate chemicals from the blood e.g cholesterol
3. A deposit builds up called an atheroma
a. Calcium salts and fibrous tissue build up resulting in a…

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Myocardial infarction: coronary artery becomes completely blocked by blood clot ­ no supply of

Stroke: rapid loss of brain function, due to a disruption in blood supply to brain.

Deep vein thrombosis: formation of a blood clot in a vein deep inside body ­ usually leg veins ­ caused…


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