Christianity and Human Relationships

i've done all the sub topics apart from the roles of men and women in church life so please help if you know anything because the text book is rubbish and i haven't got any notes from lessons

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Unit B603 Topic 1…read more

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Christians agree that the main role of sex is for
new life. `be fruitful and multiply' Genesis 1:
RC ­ Sex is a form of communication between
couples and is for a possibility of new life.
Therefore sexual relationships between
homosexuals are wrong. `if a man lies with a
man as one lies with a woman then they have
both done what is detestable' Leviticus 20.
C of E ­ marriage is the proper place for sex
because it is an act of love and total
commitment. Wedding vows. However they do
accept co-habitance as a step towards marriage
and still reflects commitment.…read more

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Definition: using something to reduce the
likelihood of pregnancy as a result of sex.
Two types:
- artificial. Eg. Condoms, pill etc.
- natural. Having sex when the woman is
least fertile.
Some contraception such as condoms also
reduce the risk of STDs being transmitted.…read more

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Trad. R.C ­ use of artificial contraception is
wrong because it prevents pregnancy and
therefore undermines the teaching that sex is for
pro creation. `be fruitful and multiply'
Genesis 1:28.
Liberal Christians ­ accept the use of artificial
contraception because their conscience tells
them to do so. They believe it is important to
use contraception such as condoms to prevent
lethal diseases.
The Church of England teaches that the use of
contraception is responsible. It should be used to
ensure that children are planned and wanted.…read more

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Definition: Refraining from something. In this
context refraining from sex.
Some organisations promote Christian view of
Teen Aid: Promotes abstinence through
posters and videos.
Silver Ring Thing: Keep your virginity special.
It is a commitment to your future
husband/wife.…read more

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Beginning ­ minister explains purpose,
marriage is a gift, marriage is for children
and check for any lawful reasons why the
couple shouldn't marry.
everyone needs to understand the
importance of the sacrament. It is a serious
commitment involving God and people. It
also emphasises the monogamous
relationship for life.…read more

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