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  • Marriage
    • civil and religious commitment
    • marriage is a holy relationship
    • seen as a sacrament and part of God's plan for humanity
    • Purporses
      • couple can help and support each other in good and bad times
      • couple can enjoy a sexual relationship
      • couple can have children and bring them up in a Christian family
    • Marriage ceremonies
      • takes place in a church because promises are made in front of God.
      • Priest explains importance of having children and bringing them up in a Christian family
      • Couples say their vows in the presence of God and the congregation, showing the sacred importance of the ceremony
      • Ring is given to symbolise the unending nature of love and of Christian marriage
    • Civil Partnerships
      • Sexual relationships should take place only within a marriage
      • Corinthians 6:9
      • Catholic Church rejects same-sex relationships
      • Some Christians accept as another form of loving relationship


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